How it works

 The carbon dioxid of the atmosphere is stored in the biogas in the form of carbon. CarboneXt PACE technology breaks down the biogas and remowes the carbon, the process also produces hydrogen gas.

Depending on factors such as pressure, temperature and angle of application of the gas, the technology can control the properties of the carbon structures


Step by step

The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is absorbed into the plants trough photosynthesis . The carbon is stored in the plants. Of the biological waste, plant waste, faeces from animal husbandry etc. biogas is made.

Corn dryer silos standing in a field of corn

Environmental facts

When CarboneXt PACE technology uses biogas in the process, we reduce carbon dioxid from the atmosphere. For each tonne of carbon the technology prodeced we reduce about 3.77 tonnes of carbon dioxide. we breake the carbon cycle and prevent the carbon from returning to the atmosphere. 

The green carbon produced by the technology has the possibility of removing dirty carbon from the market, A carbon often produced with a large negative invironmental inpact.

The hydrogen gas produced by the technology has a signifigcantly lower energy consumtion than other production methods.